The Benefits of MK2866

There are different forms of motivation that drive people to strive for better physiques and start building their bodies. Some envy the forms of popular athletes or celebrities. Others simply want to live a healthier life, while a few want to become stronger and more capable. Whatever it is, the truth is working out and eating healthy sometimes isn’t enough. This is why supplements are always in demand. In today’s market, there are different pills and aids that surface – some of them are merely fads, while a number of them are the real thing. One of the latest, most used supplements is the mk2866, commonly known as Ostarine. Read on to find out how it works and what its benefits are.

Advantages of Using MK2866 VS Anabolic Steroids

mk2866Experienced bodybuilders are familiar with the term selective androgen modulators (SARMs). These are a new brand of supplements that bind to the body’s androgen receptor, in a similar way as anabolic steroids do. The difference is that while they exert the same anabolic effects, they don’t carry as much of the side effects. The androgen receptor is important in developing and maintaining the normal functioning of sexual organs, bones, and muscles. When SARMs bind to this receptor, they create intense anabolic activity in the bone and muscle. This is possible because by binding to it, they modify its action in a dramatically different way compared to that of androgen receptor stimulators (both synthetic and non-synthetic). As a result, they can change the process of gene transcription in a tissue-specific manner.

So, if SARMs function like steroids, why not stick to steroids? Many bodybuilders have experienced significant differences between using SARMs and steroids. There is increased muscle mass coupled with other benefits, including nitrogen retention and a positive effect on both bones and joints.

A lot of steroids convert to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) or estrogen, which is responsible for the unwanted side effects – to name a few, hair loss and an enlarged prostate. Converting to estrogen causes other adverse effects as well, such as water retention that leads to swelling (edema), high blood pressure, and the infamous gynecomastia (enlargement of the breast tissues). These side effects are both uncomfortable and unsightly for men who only want to improve their muscular form. In order to correct these imbalances, a person has to get his production of testosterone to shut down through a post-cycle therapy (PCT) protocol. Still, after therapy the other effects – like impotence – can go on for many months until a complete testosterone recovery has occurred.

These problems, however, can be eliminated through the use of SARMs. MK2866, or Ostarine, can counteract these unwanted side effects. This is because it does not convert to DST, thus it does not result in any of the side effects associated with DHT conversion mentioned above. In addition, tests have shown that while there is a slight elevation in estrogen levels, it isn’t enough to cause the unwanted effects that steroids would cause. Instead, the person enjoys a great potential for treating injuries in the bones, ligaments and tendons. At the same time, its anabolic effects on muscles lead to significant and easily maintained muscle gains in four to six weeks. No PCT is needed afterwards.

In addition, steroids are frowned upon by anti-doping agencies and organizations. SARMs, on the other hand, are difficult to detect because they bypass the much looked-after four-ring structure of steroids.

The bottom line is that MK2866 and SARMs in general are NOT steroids. They produce the same performance enhancing advantages minus the unwanted side effects, making them a clear choice for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders.

Iron On Patches Creations

There are a lot that you can do with custom iron on patches. Businesses utilize them as part of their marketing campaigns, clubs and organizations use them to make people aware of their brand, and institutions and companies use them to create their own unique identities. For individuals, these patches can be used to create works of art.

Take for example a simple pair of jeans, a shirt, a skirt, or a denim jacket; you can enhance them without spending a fortune. Why buy designer clothes when you can make stylish clothing out of your existing wardrobe.

You can use iron on patches to create inexpensive works of art. These customized patches can work well with a lot of garments but denim is a wise choice since the fabric is thick, strong, and durable.

Almost everyone has a denim jacket in their closet. If you want to make yours unique, you can customize it and add patches that will showcase your personality and add a touch of flair into an otherwise plain denim jacket.

Iron on patchesThere is also a practical aspect to attaching iron on patches to your clothes, like your jacket. If your clothes happen to have stain, a hole, or have a worn out area, you can still have them repaired by attaching customized embroidered patches. Doing this hides the stain, mends the hole and worn out area, plus you are able to create your own stylish jacket.

Begin by establishing a theme or design. If you can’t think of a particular design right off the bat, lay your denim jacket on flat surface in front of you. Try to visualize where you want the patches placed, think about the number of patches you can apply, as well as the shapes and sizes you intend use.

You can cut out pieces of paper in sizes that you intend to use. Position them on your jacket and adjust accordingly, until you get the visuals on a design that you like. Plan also for the back of the jacket, you don’t want to leave it bare when you have the stylish patches in the front.

You need to have an idea of how many patches so you can plan for your expenses. The good thing about iron on patches is that there are manufacturers and suppliers who have online shops. It is now easier and more convenient. Most of these stores offer consultations with their own graphic designers if you do not have a clear idea about the designs you want.

There are a lot of ideas that you might want to consider. Think about your interests. Are you a book lover? You might want to create patches about your favorite books. Or if you are a movie buff, you can try the movies you love. Your options are actually limitless; you just have to tap into your creative side.

When you get your customized patches, take out your denim jacket and lay it on a table and try placing the patches. You can try out different arrangements until you get the design you like. Use pins to temporarily attach them so you can get the full visuals when you try the jacket on.

Once you have your final positioning, lay the jacket on a flat surface. Pre-heat the flat iron to high setting. Work on one patch at a time. If you are covering a hole on the jacket, make sure you line the hole with wax paper before ironing so that the patch won’t stick the front of the jacket to the back.

Iron on patches are you best options when you want to enhance any article of clothing that you have.

Why Should You Hire a Motivational Speaker?

Motivational speakers are not simply a disseminator of information. Unlike lecturers, these speakers are capable of making their listeners comprehend the subject matter at hand. As such, inspirational speaking has become the norm for most company events.

What separates a motivational speaker from a typical orator? To better explain it further, below are some of the scenarios that you may encounter which may bring you to hire these presenters for your organization.

You want to communicate information in a clear manner. If you’re looking for a speaker, better select someone who can convey it thoroughly. A motivational speaker is capable of presenting ideas in a manner that can be digested easily by their listeners. They intend to make the information simple to understand. It stems from the fact that people should be able to appreciate your narrative in order for them to “feel” it.

Your senior trainers are not always available. Typically, companies hire their own human resources personnel to conduct trainings for their employees. However, when your workforce is too big enough to be handled by your personnel, it’s time for you to hire the services of a motivational speaker. Due to the demands of their customers, motivational speakers are now capable of teaching several areas of expertise.

WebYou want to convey information in a positive light. Your company may sometimes deliver a not-so-good message to your employees. For instance, you will do a lay-off for non-performing departments to increase manpower efficiency. However, you do not want this event to mar your company’s relationship with your employees. In this case, a motivational speaker can do the talking for you.

You can opt to try a myriad of speakers. Because a motivational speaker is contractual in nature, you can choose to test the services of different speakers. Through this, you won’t be held into hiring a full-time speaker without really knowing his capabilities.

You need an outside perspective. Most motivational speakers do not source inspiration from their own stories. Sometimes, they take into account the experiences of other people for their speeches. They place a considerable amount of time in finding and interviewing these people for information and inspiration. This enables them to get a wider perspective for most things, and this information can be transferred to their spectators.

Your talent pool is not capable of providing your company’s needs. A company may source their speakers not only through the Human Resources Department but also to the senior managers in the firm. However, while these people are great on the technical side, not everyone is cut to become a good teacher. A motivational speaker addresses this gap by filling in as your alternative trainer.

You are looking for a new expertise to gain. Most motivational speakers are seasoned professionals in their respective industries. These industry experts can provide useful technical knowledge to your company. Also, because of their remarkable experience, this gives them the credibility and confidence to conduct such seminars with ease.

You want to uplift your employees’ morale. There are times when your employees may be experiencing burn-out due to heavy workload or high attrition. During these times, hiring a motivational speaker is your solution to this problem. They can ignite your employees’ passion by swaying them through words of wisdom.

Now you have known the advantages of getting a motivational speaker. As shown above, sometimes getting a lecturer is not enough. Motivational speakers provide your audience with the right information but without bogging them down with the boring details. Because of their extreme hold to their listener’s attention, a motivational speaker is much more effective in conveying a message than a regular spokesperson.

Custom Coins Uses

Though they were initially used exclusively by the military, custom coins now come in a variety of uses such as for recognition, collection and as an important means of preserving other cultures. Read about how simple coins affect people in the past and present and how they can affect those in the future.

Receiving custom coins can build up a person's morale. Not everybody is given the chance to receive these coins especially in the military, unlike the case of giving certificates and plaques of recognition. These coins are hard to earn and they can give a person immeasurable self-esteem.

Some kinds of custom coins have great numismatic value, especially the challenge coins. If you happened to watch the Film "Dear John", the father of a member of the military was indulged in numismatics or collecting and studying coins. The greatest one among those that he collected was worth nothing to others. It could not even buy anything. However, it meant a lot to him because it was a great part of his past with his son. In the same way, people who collect coins value not only the art in each piece but the history behind it.

custom coinsIn Greece, the mother of Civilization, custom coins symbolize an unbreakable bond between people. It is a sign of fraternity. They give coins to people who help them as a sign of thanksgiving. Even in their universities, coins with the sign of a fraternity are given as the highest form of gift to another member.

One of the popular custom coins used are the ones by the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club (NABSTMC). At the back of their coins are the words "We Can, We Will" and "Ready Forward. These are exclusively awarded to members who earned it by a notable accomplishment.

In countries like Canada, Britain, Australia and Switzerland, it has been part of the culture to give these kinds of coins as an expression of brotherhood, remaining intact or belongingness especially for police officers, fire-fighters and other first responders. Giving and receiving these coins are the highest forms of establishing rapport.

Media personnel also use these coins for such purposes. Jon Favreau, the director of the hit movie Iron Man 2, mentioned in an interview that he gave away Iron Man 2 coins to the United States Air Force personnel to show his gratitude for their support in making the film a successful one. The creator of the show Breaking Bad also gave coins that he personally designed to the crew every time they made new seasons. He exclaimed that it is the best way he could express his appreciation of their help in making the show worth watching.

Getting a coin serves as a mark for having greater chances for promotion. Possessing this coin will give a person higher preference than the other employees. This is because a coin is a symbol of excellence and incomparable dedication to one's duties.

Customizing the coins define their purpose and importance. What matters each time a new coin is made is the new course of history that it will make. It once saved a life by merely being a source of identity for a pilot in the First World War. It can also save more lives at present when they are carefully crafted to motivate the people who constantly put their best foot forward to give service to their fellowmen. Each coin is earned and that is why they should be of the best quality possible. Make sure that the people who will make it for you have the heart and passion to value such importance.

Choosing The Right E Liquids

An e-cigarette is comprised of three main features – atomizer, battery and liquid cartridge or reservoir. An e liquid, also known as smoke juice, acts as the energy of e-cigarettes. The e liquid is the main constituent of e-cigarettes. Aside from providing unique flavors for the e-cigarette, it also consists of nicotine concentration that creates an almost similar puff with a real tobacco-based cigarette. This is made possible by using an electronic device. Even though you are using a smokeless cigarette, you will not get bored because it is like puffing a real cigarette.

The vapor-producing e liquid is made from a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. These components are mixed with certain flavors, liquefied nicotine and distilled water. The intensity of throat sensation for every puff depends on the amount of nicotine used in making the e liquid. Some manufacturers also incorporate ethyl molto in the mixture.

You can buy e liquids in bottles or pre-filled plastic cartridges. Some of the flavors are regular tobacco, vanilla, menthol, cola, coffee and certain fruits. Some people don’t buy commercial e liquids. They are used to make do-it-yourself e juices.

Choose the Right E liquid Flavor

e liquidsExperts claim that using electronic cigarettes instead of real tobacco-based cigarettes can help someone quit the routine of smoking. The reason for this is that e liquids offer a variety of flavors a smoker can try. These flavors mimic the taste of a real tobacco-based cigarette. Apart from the similar taste, e-cigarettes can also provide you the same throat sensation and pleasure provided by real cigarettes. The main benefit of using an e-cigarette for smoking is that carcinogens and toxic substances from real cigarettes are excluded in e-cigarettes.

E liquids still consist of nicotine. When nicotine is abused, it will be harmful to your body.This is why you need to use only the right amount of nicotine and not too much.

There are several factors that you must consider in choosing the right e liquid. Determine your smoking habits. How frequent do you puff cigarettes per day? Count the number of sticks that you usually consume daily. If you puff more than ten cigarettes in a day, then you will need a stronger nicotine level. For a light smoker, an e liquid with a low nicotine level is already enough, you may even be okay with an e liquid with no nicotine content.

On the other hand, if you want to use e-cigarettes from time to time, there is a need to decrease the nicotine level in your e liquid. This is to minimize your nicotine consumption.

Nicotine strength level

The nicotine concentrations in e liquids have different intensities – zero, six, twelve, eighteen, twenty-four, and thirty-six milligrams. Other terms are extra light, extra medium, extra strong, light, medium and strong. As stated, the advisable nicotine level in your e liquid depends on your personal preference.

Flavors of E Juices

Flavors must not be taken for granted when selecting e juices. They are the ones that can provide you with the same sensation and pleasure that a real cigarette gives. Luckily, you can choose from hundreds of flavors available in the market. You can experiment by mixing one flavor with another flavor. Otherwise, you can make your own e liquid. It take some trial-and-error at first, but after some practice you will be able to create good-tasting e liquid.

Aside from being familiar with the techniques in using an electronic cigarette, you must also know the different flavors and ingredients of e juices. In this way, you can make your own batch of e juices in the future. Always remember that smoking must be done in moderation.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy with the Help of Your Mobile Eye Doctor Specialist

Regardless of your age, it is important that you let a Mobile Eye Doctor specialist to have your eye checked.

The eye doctor will carry out a thorough eye examination to determine the right eyeglasses or contact lenses. They will also check if you have an eye disease that requires immediate treatment. There are eye diseases such as glaucoma which does not show any symptoms.

What Type of Eye Specialist You Should Visit?

eye doctorTo keep your eyes healthy, you need to let an eye specialist to check on your eyes either annually or every six months. Adults should have their eyes checked to keep their prescriptions updated and to assess if they have signs of eye disorder. For younger individuals, eye examinations are done to keep the eyes healthy.

Eyesight is closely related to the learning process. Most students with eyesight problems normally have a hard time viewing or interpreting the things they see and have difficulties with their school tasks. Most of the time, the children will not inform their parents that they are having a hard time reading what is written on the blackboard. As a result, your child will not perform well at school. If this is the case, you can bring your child to a Mobile Eye Doctor specialist to resolve any vision problem.

There are some eye problems that could lead to lost of vision if left untreated. Some eye disorders may or may not inhibit symptoms. You will only know that you are having such condition only when you have your eyes checked by a specialist. Below are the different types of eye disorders that you should know:


If you have this kind of eye condition the first thing the eye doctor will notice is that your eyes are misaligned. Also, you will have different prescriptions for your eyes. Because you have a blurry vision, you will have a hard time identifying the images in front of you. If left unattended it will affect the visual development of the affected eye resulting to permanent eye impairment. This can be treated by patching the healthy eye for several days.


This is popularly known as crossed eyes. A Mobile Eye Doctor specialist will check your eyes alignment to ensure that they are working together properly. This eye condition will lead to problems with depth perception and amblyopia.

Other Eye Diseases

Glaucoma and eye disease associated with diabetes have no symptoms at the early stages. This is one of the reasons why you need to visit your Mobile Eye Doctor specialist every 6 months to assess the health of your eyes. Early detection of the mentioned eye diseases can help reduce the risk of losing eyesight.

The Mobile Eye Doctor specialist can determine if you are experiencing an eye disorder even without its accompanying symptoms. By checking your eye’s blood vessels, retina and others, the eye doctor can easily detect the health condition of your eyes. They can also tell if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol level or other issues.

For example, diabetes may cause the small blood vessel to leak, and also inflammation of the macula which might lead to vision loss. Some people with diabetes are not aware of this. Some medical doctors may instruct their patients with diabetes to visit an eye specialist to have their eyes checked.

How Eye Exam and Eye Screening Differs

General eye examinations are an eye screening that detects individuals who are at risk of having vision problems. In eye screening, the nurse will perform short vision tests. The vision screening is usually done when you are applying for a driver’s license renewal.

A holistic eye examination is performed by an eye doctor and will include comprehensive testing of your vision. Depending on the outcome of the eye exam, your eye specialist will recommend a treatment regimen for your specific needs.

Guide in Choosing Home Safes

More and more people are now recognizing the importance of keeping home safes to protect their valuable possessions. Options have now become more varied as compared to the old times when safe storages meant huge brass chests or burying possessions deep in the ground. So what are the things that you have to keep in mind when searching for the perfect home safe?

a.Safe rating – there is actually a way to determine the effectiveness of a safe in guarding your valuables, and it is called a “safe rating”. This is normally determined by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Intertek (also known as ETL). They are independent laboratories that conduct third-party testing or evaluation on home safes to indicate its build quality and ability to live up to its guarantee. So first off, you would want to make sure that your home safe supplier has been evaluated by either UL or ETL, as several smaller manufacturers no longer go through this process and may mislead you into thinking that this is no longer necessary.

The rating of home safes can be divided into two: the fire resistance rating and burglary protection rating.

home safesFire resistance is one of the major concerns of most buyers in the US. The National Fire Protection says that in a lifetime, a family will have about one out of four chances of encountering a huge fire in their home. This probability is quite large especially for crowded neighborhoods or those who run businesses at home. UL and Intertek ratings indicate how long a fire-proof safe can withstand extreme temperatures associated to a fire before its contents take on considerable damage. Home safes containing paper documents should not exceed 350oF on the inside, while safes that contain media files should not exceed 125oF.

The period of time before the interior of a fire-proof safe exceeds its temperature limit is also rated. This can range from 30 minutes up to about two hours for homes. Fires are said to commonly move around the house, and is known to stay in one room for only about 30 minutes. Fire-proof safes that can withstand extreme temperatures up to about an hour are normally sufficient for home use.

Burglary rating – Burglary resistance rating is more common for safes used on jewelry stores or commercial businesses rather than for home use. It is rated based on its ability to ‘protect’ itself from unwanted access by the use of tools, explosives, alarms, or torches. It can also be rated according to construction and how long it is able to resist common mechanical tools such as drills, punches, and hammers.

In addition, the mere ownership of a home safe is already a protection against burglars because it is harder to snatch a whole huge metal safe as compared to small items like jewelry.

b.Size of your valuables – most home safes get more expensive with increasing size because these safes allow you to protect more valuables and items with larger dimensions. Try to evaluate which among your possessions you really need to safe-keep before purchasing one. Most safes are 8” high, 10” wide and 10” deep. This is enough to handle priceless photos, documents, and jewelries. However if you find that you really need to safe-keep a signed Tennis racquet or that your jewelry collection is too vast for the standard size, then you will have to shell out more money to buy safes with larger storage space.

c.Price – safes do not always have to be very expensive, although most salesmen may probably try to convince you otherwise. One must evaluate what the family really needs to safe-keep and simply work around that budget. A standard safe can cost around $150 to $300 but may even go as high as $800.

What is a Misting Fan?

If you’ve watched football and soccer games, you’ve probably noticed big fans with canvas flaps in some zones meant for people and for the athletes to cool off. This type of fan is called a misting fan.

A misting fan consists of different parts which vary from one design to another. The common parts are the fan blade, misting nozzle, rear fan guard, air pump, front fan assembly, air filter, mist control valve, air pump and hose connector. It works by spraying or sprinkling a fine mist of water into the air as it is spread out by the fan. Like a humidifier, as the water evaporates, it absorbs the heat from the air and releases cool air and mist.

But why should you choosemisting fan it instead of traditional air coolers or air conditioning units? Because it is highly efficient to use. A misting fan is very easy to use, assemble and maintain. It consumes less energy and therefore ensures huge savings on your electric bill. It is also less expensive when compared to humidifiers and air conditioning units and can be used for different occasions—from outdoor to indoor events. It is portable and can be easily transferred from one place to another.

It can cool the air by at least 30 degrees and eliminates both heat and humidity, making it an appropriate cooling system for people suffering from respiratory and breathing problems such as asthma. It helps clean the air by eliminating dust and other air particles and prevents insects from flying around the area.

If you are planning to buy a misting fan it is best to know about its different types and specifications. Currently, Auramist has four different types: Velos, Milo, Brisa and Baha.

The Velos type is a 16” misting system that works perfectly for indoor and outdoor settings. It is equipped with non-clogging misting nozzle that breaks down the water into mist. It is easily adjusted. You can choose from three different speed options and control the level of mist released. It is eco-friendly, consumes less energy and water.

The Milo version is an 18” Auramist fan. With its sleek and modern design, it is equipped with the same misting system and technology that the Velos type has. It can reduce the temperature up to 30 degrees and releases fine mist dry to the touch. It has three non-clogging nozzle for less maintenance and efficient use. It is rust resistant and has a durable body that protects it from damages when being transferred to different locations.

Brisa is a 30” Auramist fan. It is designed specifically for use in large areas such as warehouses. It is equipped with Auramist’s best technology that makes it efficient to use, easy to maintain and install. It reduces the temperature by 30 degrees and consumes less water. Its misting duration can go up to eight hours and more.

The Bahia cooling system is a newly developed Auramist fan. Designed especially for golf carts and recreational vehicles, it features non-clogging and rust resistant mist nozzles, fast-evaporating mist technology, has durable and rust resistant body parts, environmentally friendly, has mist adjustable options and can continuously operate to five hours and more.

When choosing a misting fan, make sure that it is made of materials that are environmentally friendly and consume less energy and water. Check if it has a non-clogging mist nozzle for easier maintenance and longer use. Remember that this type of fan is in constant contact with water, heat and air which make it more prone to rusting. That’s why it is best to check if it is made of rust resistant materials.

Author Bio:

Auramist the leading manufacturer and provider of the highest quality Misting fan, Mister, Misting Systems and innovative cooling Fans. Auramist misting fans are equipped with cutting-edge technology with 75 patents. You can trust the Auramist brand to keep you cool and comfortable in your home or on your patio.

Benefits of a Treadmill Desk

Some people do not have the luxury to spend hours at the gym or jog around the park. Because of their hectic work schedule, there is not enough time for exercise. Their spare time is already allotted for relaxing, resting and for other activities. This kind of routine can actually pose a threat to your health. Experts said that a “couch potato” lifestyle or spending all day in front of a computer or television increases the risk of diabetes, heart illnesses, digestion-related problems, and even kidney failures.

However, there’s no need to worry too much about these things. Thanks to technology, exercising and working can now be done at the same time. This is made possible through treadmill desks.

Treadmill desks or walking desks are upgraded versions of a treadmill. It is designed to help employers do their jobs while exercising. This is made possible by attaching the treadmill to the working desk.

best treadmill desksUsing the best treadmill desks ensures a fun and worthwhile experience. Aside from helping you maintain a fit and healthy body, it also improves muscle coordination, stamina and focus. Since you are performing two tasks at the same time, you learn how to focus even when there are distractions. Furthermore, a fit body is related to a focused mind. Exercising helps you to think clearly, which leads you to produce better quality output. It also promotes active interactions between colleagues and maintains a healthy atmosphere at work.

Because of these benefits, some companies are using the best treadmill desks for their employees. However, if you’re work is home based, it is best to try using a treadmill desk to improve your body and work habits.

There are plenty of treadmill desks available in the market and it can be hard choosing the best one that will suit you the most. To choose the best treadmill desks, here are three important tips to remember:

Familiarize yourself with the different kinds of treadmill desks. Choose a design that will best fit your routine. Make sure that the type of treadmill desk you choose will be comfortable for you to walk in.

Measure the height and width of the space where you will put the treadmill desk. This will help you in choosing one that is big enough for the space available in your room. Also, make sure that the treadmill desk is big enough to accommodate you and your work equipments such as computers, laptops, gadgets, books and piles of documents. Test if there is enough space for you to move around.

Be familiar with the parts and materials used in the treadmill desk. Make sure that it is made from durable material and will last for a long period of time. Know all the parts and how it functions. See if it is in good condition. Knowing the parts will also help you in maintaining the treadmill desk properly.

But if you already have an existing treadmill and want to convert it into a treadmill desk, here are some points to remember:

Choose a desk that fits the treadmill at the right height. Again, it should be about as high as your abdomen or any height that is comfortable for you to do your desk work without having to hunch over. You also need a desk that can fit the width of the treadmill. Make sure that you construct it properly to prevent injuries. You do not want your desk to fall off the treadmill and hurt you in the process. Look for instructions on how to build a treadmill desk on your own. There are resources online that you can surely find useful if you want to enjoy the benefits of using a treadmill desk.

Author Bio:

Best treadmill desks are designed for you keeping in mind so that you can easily switch between sitting, standing, and walking without moving all of your work to a completely different desk.

Secondhand Clubs with Firsthand Quality: The TaylorMade golf Certified Pre-Owned Guarantee

As a prominent brand among golfers professional and amateur, TaylorMade golf is much desired for its championship-achieving innovations. Actual research goes into making every club, and it costs money. As a result, TaylorMade products are sold at premium prices. But penny-pinching beginner golfers who dream of making it big in the PGA need not worry about buying an expensive brand-new TaylorMade club. TaylorMade’s affiliate website,, sells pre-owned secondhand clubs bearing the prominent trademark, which are all refurbished by the company to their pristine conditions.

Besides the terms “pre-owned” and “secondhand,” there is another word that embodies the same concept: “pre-loved.” This term implies that the item was not just fully put into good use by its previous owner, but it was also given tender loving care like a baby or pet should. With a TaylorMade golf Certified Pre-Owned club, one is certain to get a restored pre-loved club from the esteemed company itself.

One reason for TaylorMade golf’s decision to sell Certified Pre-Owned clubs is the clubs’ popularity among antique collectors. One favored club is the EL-1 series, which was produced from 1983 to 1985. The clubs in the series are lauded for their durability, veritable chrome sheen, and practical configurability; and a set can reach around $2000 on popular auction sites.

When one buys aTaylormade golf Certified Pre-Owned club from, he can be assured of the following things: 1) a 12-month limited warranty against all manufacturing defects; 2) a new TaylorMade headcover; 3) a comprehensive six-point inspection by trained TaylorMade staff; 4) detailed cleaning to get rid of rust and other unsightly things; 5) visual inspection to ensure a look that is as good as new; and 6) a new grip if the old one is worn out. Furthermore, one can replace the club or refund the money if the purchased club has a manufacturing defect via a 14-day return policy. All Certified Pre-Owned clubs are also backed by 100% shipping damage guarantee.

Just as with all other secondhand items being sold, TaylorMade golf Certified Pre-Owned clubs have their own condition ratings. Mint Condition means the club was either previously bought but never used or the club is never bought at all. There are no markings; but if there are any, they are merely shop wear. Excellent Condition means the club was barely used. There are minimal ball marks and slight scratches on the surface. Very Good Condition signifies that the club has seen considerable use and meticulous care by its previous owner. More ball marks and scratches can be seen, but will not affect the performance of the club itself. Good Condition signifies extensive use by its previous owner, with not just ball marks and scratches, but also wear and tear on the crown, head, and shaft. Regardless of condition, all Certified Pre-Owned clubs are ensured 100% playability due to their refurbishments. also sells other golf accessories such as bags, which are all refurbished to their day-one quality. It also has sections for clubs specially made for women and left-handed persons, since the mechanics of swinging the clubs for those persons are different from those of normal right-handed men.

Trade-ins are also accepted at, whether to purchase another Certified Pre-Owned product or to just receive a gift certificate in return. To perform a trade-in, one must complete the online trade-in form, go to the nearest FedEx or mailing office to ship the old clubs, and wait for TaylorMade to evaluate the traded items and give the appropriate credit in return. For trade-ins with intent to make an immediate purchase, a valid credit card is required.