5 Myths about SEO: Debunked!

The online world tends to shift from time to time in terms of processes and standards. In fact, most of the things you might know about the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process a few years ago might no longer be true today. Of course, this also means that myths and misconceptions abound the process which could lead a client down the wrong path. Below are several myths about the work of an SEO firm that needs to be set straight.

Myth #1: SEO is Hard for Regular Persons

Though the SEO process can SEO Firmlook intimidating and downright confusing for common people, it is actually very simple in concept. An SEO firm actually uses very simple content management systems like WordPress to improve a site’s content, build on its links and improve site traffic. Since these programs are quite user-friendly, even a person with minimal experience with SEO can build their own sites (albeit not as properly as that done by a professional).

One other source of confusion in the process is the constant changes and updates in the information. Though it is true that SEO changes standards every year according to updates in the Search engines, it is by no means confusing to follow. With a few hours of updating your knowledge, you can get on board with the recent processes and standards in SEO.

Myth #2: Meta Tags are Great

This myth is easy to confuse with the best method of SEO specialist. An SEO firm will use titles and Meta descriptions to bring a page to the topmost ranks. Meta tags, on the other hand, are obsolete features that Google no longer looks for when ranking pages.

Meta tags were sort of a crutch for incompetent SEO specialists and they used to overstuff content with it in the hopes of getting a better ranking. Fortunately, Google has done away with them in its algorithms which mean SEO companies now have to focus on writing an enticing Meta description to encourage a user to click through.

Myth #3: Page Rank is all that Matters

The Page Rank feature in Google still exists today as pages are still given a designated rank in the page according to the search engine query. Of course, a higher ranking means that the page is far more relevant than those below it. For years, a lot of SEO specialists were fixated in getting a page to the highest ranks in the search engines.

The truth, however, is that Page Rank is no longer the sole factor that determines a site’s visibility in the search engines. Through constant algorithm updates, Google has made sure that searches have become more organic and conversational. This means that an SEO firm will now have to look into various factors added into the algorithm like relevance and the context of the query itself.

Myth #4: Paid Links are a Good Option

There have been a lot of instances when small businesses resort to paying for several backlinks for a considerable amount of money just to get ahead of the competition. This is a surefire way for Google to immediately reduce your ranking overnight regardless of all the work you have done on your site. The best way to improve your rankings, on the other hand, is to have your content improved so that credible sites can give you a high quality link. In time, the site’s ranking will improve by tenfold.

Myth #5: SEO is for Big Businesses Only

This could not be all the more wrong than it already is. The online world gives the same opportunity to all businesses, regardless of size, to establish a foothold in their own markets. In fact, most small businesses report an improvement in their overall performance and market share once they availed of the services of an SEO Firm. Though there are those brands with better experience, more credible content and deeper pockets, it is certain that the Search engines like Google will keep the competition fair for everybody.

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Why Hiring an SEO Company is a Good Idea?

So many websites nowadays employ search engine optimization (SEO) programs into their marketing strategies. A lot of marketers see SEO programs as mandatory and a mainstay in their marketing strategy.

It does not take a degree in business management or technical knowledge of online business to get a good idea of why SEO programs are being adopted by almost every website.

Most people nowadays rely SEOheavily on search engines, such as Google or Bing, to find the websites that they are looking for. Websites want a good location on a search engine’s search engine return pages (SERPs), because like in almost any other business, success is strongly linked to location. The SERP is the list of websites that the search engine produces when a user makes an inquiry. The purpose of having an SEO program is to get a good spot on that list, the higher the spot the better the location.

That does not mean that just anyone should go for an SEO program. Conducting SEO operations is not for everyone as it is not something that anyone can just pick up and learn. For that reason, websites have begun to hire companies that specialize in SEO operations. Below are some of the advantages of hiring and SEO company.

SEO companies know what they are doing

Some people have this incorrect preconceived notion on how SEO operations work. These people have a mistaken belief that SEO operations are easy. Few things can be as far from the truth than that the idea that SEO operations are easy. SEO operations are complex and take a lot of time and effort to properly execute. It is not a task that can be delegated to just anyone.

SEO companies are organizations which specialize in creating SEO campaigns and programs for websites. They exist for the sole reason of helping websites come up with sound SEO campaigns that can produce results. They have well established operational guidelines and their employees have experience with this kind of work.

SEO companies are also well staffed. Their employees are professionals who are good at what they do, at least the ones which are decent. A website can reasonably expect professional quality work from SEO companies.

It is a cost effective method of implementing a cost effective plan

SEO operations are a cost effective way of improving a website’s performance. It may take a long time to produce results, but the resources needed in order to make it work are small given how efficient SEO campaigns can be.

Regardless, launching an SEO campaign from scratch can still be a big investment for website. This is the reason why some websites are still hesitant to launch their own SEO campaign despite knowing how beneficial it will be for their development.

In order to launch a successful SEO campaign a website needs to invest a lot of time, manpower and money to make it work. Time is necessary to gather the research data for the SEO campaign. Manpower is necessary so the website’s performance won’t detrimentally affected by the SEO campaign. And money is needed to make the other two work. All of these things hamper a website’s ability to perform at optimum efficiency.

Employing an SEO company gets rid of some of the issues involved in launching an SEO campaign. The SEO company will be responsible for doing most of the grunt work involved in an SEO campaign.

If a website plans to conduct its own SEO campaign then its ability to focus on other important tasks will be hampered. Websites run the risk of spreading their time and resources too thin if they plan to launch an SEO campaign. This results in mediocre work where nothing really gets done properly.

Hiring a good SEO company can help solve that problem. The SEO company can free up time and manpower that a website needs for other tasks. SEO operations require constant maintenance; they require an upkeep of high quality content.